A Post-Hoc Analysis Success Story: Providing Top-Tier Statistical Analysis Services

Jan 28, 2018 | Case Studies

SDC is fully committed to providing clients with top-tier service throughout the entire clinical trial process. We also understand that additional support will sometimes be necessary once a study is complete to help guide our client’s product towards approval. Post-hoc analysis can be critical to the success of any clinical phase program and our experienced team is onboard to offer their support in cases like the following:

Case Details

  • Completed multicenter phase II adaptive study including an interim analysis
  • Study included enrollment of over 200 subjects
  • 60+ page CRF with subject diaries collected throughout the study
  • Upon study completion post-hoc analysis was needed to support moving forward into phase III studies

Key Highlights

  • Demonstrated commitment to customer service delivering post-hoc analysis over a period of several months
  • SDC biostatistics team was responsive to all requests with most being fulfilled within a single business day
  • Extensive analysis led to delivery of over 200 statistical tables in total
  • Post-hoc support from SDC allowed client to clearly understand and communicate their results to regulatory agencies and potential partners

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