Ophthalmic Study Population Trends

Jul 11, 2018 | Publications and Posters

ARVO Annual Meeting, May 2012


This research focuses on improving the accuracy associated with estimating the number of medical history (MedHx), concomitant medications (ConMeds), and adverse events (AEs) terms and related discrepancies for dry eye and ocular allergy type ophthalmic studies. Improving the accuracy of these estimates, in turn, improves the accuracy of related resource planning and budgeting for these type studies. This research also addresses the reasons for screen failures (SFs). Resources to be considered include those affecting investigator sites, clinical monitoring, and clinical data management for activities such as data collection and entry into source documents, case report forms (CRFs), and resolution of related discrepancies.

This poster details:

  • Trends in ophthalmic study populations for dry eye and ocular allergy studies based on historic data
  • Comparison of MedHx, ConMeds, and AEs based on historic data
  • Models for estimating MedHx, ConMeds, and AEs on future dry eye and ocular allergy clinical trials

Authored by:

  • Beverly Mersing, BA
  • Dale Kennedy, PhD
  • Richard Abelson, PhD
  • Mark Talbert, BA
  • Kathryn Kennedy, PhD
  • Dale Usner, PhD

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