A Mixed Model, Repeated Measure Analysis of Demographics and Dry Eye Signs and Symptoms in a Dry Eye Population

Jul 10, 2018 | Publications and Posters

ARVO Annual Meeting, May 2012


A multitude of risk factors influences the likelihood of developing dry eye signs and symptoms. A multivariate analysis was used to determine the association between demographic characteristics of age, gender, and duration of disease with the severity of dry eye signs and symptoms in large population of dry eye clinical trial participants. The role of demographics may be important when designing dry eye clinical trials.

This poster details:

  • The associations between demographic characteristics and the severity of dry eye signs and symptoms
  • Specific implications for age, gender, and duration of disease
  • Statistical significance of demographic factors and interactions

Authored by:

  • Kirk Bateman, MS
  • George Ousler
  • Michael Watson
  • Keith Lane, MBA
  • Donna Welch, RN, BSN

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