Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Unlocking the Benefits of Automation

Oct 21, 2020 | Webinar

Presented October 21, 2020 by SDC

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Automation and Artificial Intelligence have transformed other industries for the past decade and now many of those tools and methodologies are being applied to CROs. Creating a robust virtuous data standardization cycle allows the organization to lay a foundation for these tools to be applied. Once this cycle has been established, unlocking the benefits of automation and artificial intelligence becomes possible. Amongst these possibilities includes the creation of SDTM datasets using a single code set rather than needing one tailored for that specific study. In addition to the possibilities around data standardization, there are several other areas within a CRO that could benefit from the utilization of Machine Learning — giving rise to increased bid success or better security.

Watch to Learn:

  • Best practices to create the data standardization virtuous cycle
  • Benefits of data standardization
  • Automation of processes within the study lifecycle


Dale Usner

Chief Scientific Officer & Sr. VP of Strategic Scientific

Bharathi Gogula

Manager, Statistical Programming

Julian Phillips

Senior Manager, Data Insights & Automation

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