Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Infrastructure and Team Architecture Enabling Efficient Capabilities

Jun 29, 2021 | Webinar

Originally presented June 29, 2021 at DIA.

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Artificial intelligence, of which machine learning is a component, has transformed industries over the past decade and that transformation is starting to be seen in the world of clinical research organizations (CRO’s). However, developing models without a solid foundation is a recipe for frustration and wasted resources. SDC decided to create a department dedicated to data science and artificial intelligence and chose Julian Phillips a seasoned data science and software development professional to create and lead it. While leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning models can lead to impressive results, we also know that having a solid foundation is what ensures success. At the same time, parallel activities can be undertaken to enhance future data capabilities and automate various pieces of the CRO study workflow. Hear from Julian Phillips, SDCs Director of Data Insights and Automation, and Anthony Hall, Data Engineer, as they explain how SDC began and successfully completed that process.

Watch to Learn:

  • Determining current needs and capabilities in 4 areas; processes, infrastructure, personnel, and data
  • Setting the department’s direction
  • How to create early wins
  • Data warehouse design and development
  • Using the foundation to launch other high-value initiatives


Julian Phillips

Director, Data Insights and Automation

Anthony Hall

Data Engineer

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