How Quality and Innovation in Your Data Services Leads to Success: A Partner’s Perspective

Jun 3, 2021 | Webinar

Interview with Adam Hamm, Ph.D., Sr Vice President, Biostatistics and Strategic Consulting, presented May 27, 2021 at Clinical Trial Nexus East 2021.

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As a practicing statistician with over 17 years in the clinical trial research industry, SDC’s Sr Vice President of Biostatistics and Strategic Consulting, Adam Hamm, discusses his roadmap to achieving high quality data and analyses necessary for successful submission to regulatory agencies.

Watch to Learn:

  • How data quality is measured by your biometrics CRO partner
  • Defining the steps and avoiding the pitfalls
  • Why innovation matters


Adam Hamm, Ph.D.

Sr Vice President, Biostatistics and Strategic Consulting

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