Biostatistics for Non-Statisticians: Understanding Different Types of Analyses and When to Use Each

Feb 21, 2019 | Webinar

Recorded February 21, 2019 

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Understanding the different types of statistical analyses used in clinical studies can help non-statisticians better understand their study design and results. If commonly used statistical phrases like “two-sample t-test,” “difference in proportions,” “analysis of covariance,” or “hazard ratio” intimidate you, watch this 60-minute webinar for a comprehensible introduction to statistical analyses in clinical trials.

In this presentation, Dale W. Usner, Ph.D., (Chief Scientific Officer and Sr. Vice President, Strategic Scientific Consulting at SDC) illustrates the differences between various types of statistical analyses used in clinical trials, with which type of data each analysis would be used, and how adjusting for covariates (baseline characteristics) impacts results.

This webinar is tailored to non-statistician clinical trial professionals who wish to gain a better understanding of the various types of statistical analyses used in clinical trials.

Watch this Webinar to Learn:

  • What types of statistical analyses are used in clinical trials
  • When each of these analyses would be appropriate in your clinical trial
  • How accounting for covariates (baseline characteristics) may impact results

Presented by:

  • Dale Usner, PhD, CSO & Sr. VP, Strategic Scientific Consulting at SDC

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