Optimizing Your Clinical Development Strategy by Identifying Promising Subgroups for Patient Enrichment

Jun 26, 2018 | Webinar

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In many clinical trials, we seek to identify a subgroup of patients in which an active treatment is most effective compared to a control. These high-efficacy subgroups may influence the enrollment criteria for future clinical trials and can change the clinical development strategy for the program.  Common strategies for finding these patient subgroups regularly uncover overly complex subgroups that are impractical for driving future trials and generate excessive false positive groups that fail to replicate in future trials. SDC has developed and tested a novel strategy that identifies practical high-efficacy subgroups while controlling the Type 1 (false positive) error rate. Watch this webinar to learn about SDC’s Constrained Search and Permutation Evaluation (CSPE) method for identifying these subgroups in clinical trials, and how it can help optimize your clinical development strategy.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What are high-efficacy subgroups in clinical trials and why they matter
  • What current methods are used to identify them, and pitfalls thereof
  • How the CSPE method identifies practical high-efficacy subgroups
  • How identifying these subgroups can optimize your clinical development strategy

Presented by:

      • Garrick Wallstrom, PhD, Principal Research Biostatistician at SDC

Moderated by:

      • Dale W. Usner, PhD, CSO & Sr. VP, Strategic Scientific Consulting at SDC

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